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Center for

Vascular Care

The Premier Center for Vascular Care was designed to offer patients the very latest in vascular screening and diagnosis for a wide range of vascular diseases.  Vascular disease is an abnormal condition of the blood vessels which can occur if blood flow changes, becomes blocked or abruptly stops.  Our team of international board- certified vascular surgeons provide advanced clinical expertise and techniques to treat a wide variety of vascular diseases and circulatory problems. 

Early detection of vascular disease is key to improving long-term outcomes.   Generally the risk for vascular disease increases with age, but other factors increasing risk for developing vascular diseases include:

  • A family history of vascular or heart diseases

  • Pregnancy

  • Sitting or standing in one place for extended periods

  • Other diseases or conditions affecting your vascular system or heart, such as diabetes or high cholesterol or high blood pressure

  • Smoking

  • Obesity


Our goal at Premier Vascular is to achieve optimal results for all of our patients and to help them return to normal activities while improving their overall quality of life.

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